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100 ml - 3.38 fl.oz.

Ultrasun is a highly moisturizing melanin activator.

Some sun rays do not cause sunburn, nor do they give a lasting tan. On the other hand, the elastic fibers of the skin are very harmful because they enter the dermis..

Ultrasun, in addition to neutralizing those rays that cause wrinkles, contains a perfect synergy of plant extracts Boswelia, Pomegranate The Green that enhances the mechanisms that govern the nourishment of the skin and the maintenance of its degree of hydration.e.

Consequently, even very sensitive skins, especially very light ones, can remain in the sun.

It is recommended, for the first few days, to apply the sunscreen over Ultrasun.


Regardless of the values of the sun filter, the combination of plant active ingredients and a Phototan melanin accelerator stimulates the natural defense structures of the skin and allows for a more intense production of melanin and a faster tan, also maintaining a perfect balance for the skin water and lipid.o.


Apply Ultrasun all over the body, before exposing yourself to the sun, massaging lightly.

For particularly fair skin, it is recommended for the first few days to apply the Sun Protection Body SPF 30-50 FACE & amp; BODY

Important after each sun exposure, moisturize the skin with Aftersun, and for a longer-lasting tan, scrub withThalasso Scrub.