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30 ml 1.01 fl.ozz

When the rate of cell reproduction slows down and the skin's natural hydration is less well-developed, the layers of the epidermis relax, lose tone and the first wrinkles arise.e.

This very precious serum with tangible efficacy and rich formulation Acetyl hexapeptide-8 Caffeine Hesperetin Laurate active deflating Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin lifting Water-soluble Shea Butter is the right answer to counter these annoying imperfections.estetismi.


In a short time the positive results are clearly visible.

An intensive treatment once or twice a day for the face and décolleté immediately gives a substantial improvement that precedes a lasting aesthetic appearance.

This product has a high content of biologically active substances that firm the skin tissues and stimulate tired skin, causing a phenomenon of relaxation, which gives the face a smooth and rested appearance.


After cleansing the face and neck withHydra Clean, apply with light Ultralifting Serum massages.

Wait a couple of minutes and continue with applying Revitalizing Cream orSkin Life Extension Cream.