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250 ml. - 8.45 fl.oz.

Thalasso Scrub is a particular scrub, which uses brown sugar, sea salts and a mix of essential oils with the effect of eliminating waste and dead skin from our body and at the same time protecting and hydrating it deeply.

The result is new, smoother, more compact and firmed skin, as well as much softer.

It is a cosmetic treatment that ensures a remarkable aesthetic result with an improved

appearance of the body combined with the tone of the skin.


The use of Thalasso Scrub allows to reshape the body, making the skin smooth as silk, luminous and free of impurities..

Its exfoliating and draining effectiveness is obtained from the presence of a mixture of sea salts which, in combination with a mix of aromatherapy essential oils, ensure an extraordinary effect of psychophysical wellbeing for the body and mind.


Mix Thalasso Scrub well with a spatula, apply to the body on damp or dry skin for a greater exfoliating effect.).

Massage lightly without rubbing all over the body for a few minutes, insisting on the areas where the skin is harder, elbows, arms, knees,

At the end, rinse the skin well with the warm jet of the shower and pat it dry, so that the oils contained in the Thalasso Scrub continue their protective action and are absorbed a little at a time.

For an invigorating effect it is recommended to rinse with a splash of cold water before drying.

It is recommended to use it once or twice a week..