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30 ml 1.01 fl.ozz

Surface Energy is a very powerful activator of hyaluronic acid with an innovative and unique formulation, whose mechanism of action considerably increases the synthesis of hyaluronan and improves the biosynthesis of collagen fibers..


Its low molecular weight is able to act on the dermis, providing a significant extension of the skin, with consequent attenuation of the deepest wrinkles.

Surface Energy, with a moisturizing and protective action, promotes the regeneration process of skin tissues, contributing to the creation of an optimal environment for the epidermal regeneration process.

The synergy of the active ingredients contained in this serum contributes to the creation of the optimal environment necessary for authentic tissue regeneration.

This face serum also promotes the regeneration of altered skin following non-bleeding superficial skin lesions due to laser treatments, peeling, dermabrasion, irritation, dry skin.

Thanks to its moisturizing and protective action, it contributes to cell renewal and promotes the natural regeneration process of skin tissues.

It is also indicated for the repair of the skin in case of localized skin irritations caused by physical agents such as sun, wind, cold which can cause skin disorders such as dryness and irritation.


After cleansing withHydra Clean Spread Surface Energy on the well-cleansed face skin, tapping with the fingertips until completely absorbed, conclude the ritual with the application ofHydra Cream.

It is also advisable to carry out the moisturizing and soothing mask twice a weekHydra Mask.