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30 ml. - 1.01 fl oz.

Purifiant Face Serum, is a very precious purifying face serum with a light and silky texture.

Those with oily and impure skin tend to often have blackheads on the face and always shiny T-zone.

This is why it is essential to cleanse it, hydrate it and treat it with the right products.

Oily skin needs a lot of attention and, contrary to popular belief, it always needs hydration.

First you need to know the type of oily skin to allow you to choose the most suitable products.

In fact, it can be either normal or asphyxiated.

Sometimes it appears oily and shiny especially in the T-zone, sometimes, especially in the adolescent age, instead it has the same characteristics, but it differs in the presence of comedones, sebaceous cysts, thus requiring special care and treatments.

And to allow the sebum to rebalance itself, it is necessary to use some specific products that have a particular formulation, sebum-regulating, antibacterial, but which at the same time manage to maintain hydration and oxygenation.e.

In this regard, our laboratories have studied a specific line for oily and impure skin, Purifiant, consisting of three products, Purifiant Face Cream, Purifiant Face Serum and Purifiant Face Mask.


Purifiant Face Serum, purifying serum with a soft and comfortable texture. The essence of lavender in synergy with a particular molecule of propolis contained in this serum, penetrates the horny cells, facilitating their detachment in a gentle and gradual way, thus allowing the new underlying cells to resurface freely.

Consequently, biological optimality and substantive functionality of the deep skin structures is established..

After only three days of use the results are evident.


After cleansing withHydra Clean and WaterMicellar, apply Purifiant Face Serum morning and evening all over the face with light massages until completely absorbed, conclude our ritual with the application of the creamPurifiant Face Cream.

It is recommended to use the purifying mask 3 times a weekPurifiant Face Mask.