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50 ml. - 1.69 fl.oz.

Skin Prepare, is a product with an exclusive formulation, whose biodegrading action of impure and keratin residues, is balanced by the action of trace elements, essential factors for skin nutrition.). 

The synergy of the active ingredients contained in Skin Prepare make this product a beauty elixir.
Vitamin PP it performs an antioxidant action because it is an important component of coenzymes that participate in the transport of oxygen and plays a negative action on the production of sebum, which represents one of the pathogenetic factors of acne. Furthermore, it increases the synthesis of keratin, stimulates the synthesis of ceramides, accelerates the differentiation of keratinocytes with improvement of the dermo-epidermal function and increases
MAGNESIUM - from a strictly cosmetic point of view, magnesium has elasticizing and anti-aging properties.
ZINC - plays an important role in the enzymatic system, in the reproductive system, for muscles and skin. It is active against free radicals, intervenes in the synthesis of collagen and keratin..
SODIUM - natural moisturizer. Helps keep water in the skin.
MANGANESE - it is important in antioxidant systems which help eliminate harmful free radicals.


The action of Skin Prepare instantly frees the epidermis from dead cells and impurities that lurk in the pores, thus allowing the cells to reproduce more vital and elastic and also allowing the active ingredients contained in the creams or serums to penetrate deeply and act more effectively.e.
This lotion combined with every cosmetic treatment, represents an aesthetic necessity, for the optimal maintenance of the skin.


After cleansing withHydra Cleanand on perfectly dry skin, apply Skin Prepare all over the face, neck and décolleté, massaging gently, wait a few minutes and continue with the application of the serum and cream.
We recommend the use of Skin Prepare always before each cosmetic product to facilitate its absorption and enhance its action.e.