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30 ml - 1.01 fl.oz.

Supreme Multi-Effect Serum, is an extraordinary moisturizing and anti-wrinkle face serum that visibly prolongs the youth of the eyes and face.

Its effectiveness is due to the presence of Syn-Ake which counteracts the appearance and worsening of wrinkles and despression.e.

Like a revitalizing wave, its formula gives a boost of vitality to dull skin


In contact with the skin, this serum with a silky texture and refined fragrance has a strong energizing and moisturizing power.

These properties are further enhanced by the synergistic action with Hyaluronic Acid which ensures a renewal of collagen and elastin fibers with consequent deep hydration and immediate brightness of the

This precious moisturizing and anti-wrinkle face serum is particularly suitable for the revitalization of tired, dehydrated skin and the redensification of skin that is lacking in tone.


After cleansing withHydra Clean, apply a small amount ofSupreme Multi-Effect Serum on cheeks, forehead, eye area, neck and décolleté with both hands.

Follow the features of the face from the inside to the outside until completely absorbed, gently tap with the fingertips to prolong the sensory experience and for an instant brightness.

For the eye contour, apply with your fingertips all over the eye contour, without forgetting the upper eyelid and let it absorb with circular movements.

Start at the inner corner of the eye and then continue on the lower, then upper eyelid.

Continue with the neck, follow the contour line of the face starting from the chin to the nape of the neck.

Finish with the décolleté, massage gently from the chin towards the collarbones.

To optimize the benefits ofSupreme Multi-Effect Serum, perform the regenerating gestures: with clenched fists, massage all areas of the face with the knuckles.

Make slow, circular movements.

We recommend the use ofSupreme Multi-Effect Serum in the evening and in the morning, continue with the application of Skin Life Extention Cream.