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150 ml. - 5.07 fl.oz.

Thermal Cellulite Serum is an integral treatment that has the particular ability to make the orange-peel skin extremely smooth, restructuring the tissues in depth and reactivating cellular metabolism; which first of all involves a general firming..

It is thanks to this effectiveness in depth that the results are long-lasting and the treatment is particularly suitable for cases of deep cellulite..

Thermal Cellulite Serum comes in the form of liquid, a formulation that can bring together a high concentration of active ingredients, favor their penetration and offer a remarkable cosmetic pleasantness..

The main functional substances are three: diachysis factor, jodogene, horse chestnut extract.


There are also three actions.

The first concerns circulation, which is bad in the cellulite areas, with tissues that are never sprayed and poorly oxygenated.

To reduce this drawback, the powerful mucopolysaccharide Diachysis factor was used, which acts on the permeability of capillaries. To enhance the action it has been associated with caffeine which increases its power of penetration..

And let's move on to the second action. The slowing down of the microcirculation results in an anomalous accumulation of fatty deposits, which cannot be eliminated and appear as macronodules, also visible on the epidermal surface; is the orange peel skin. Jodogene, a strongly lipid-reducing substance, was used to dissolve them..

Finally, since the skin suffocated by cellulite is asphyxiated and atrophied, it was decided to restructure it with the Horse Chestnut extract complexed with Vitamin E, Centella, Green Tea and Sea Oak whose properties at the level of the connective tissue are known..

From the very first applications, the slimming reduction mechanism is triggered. There is an immediate reactivation of the microcirculation, and a better spraying of the tissues which, no longer suffocated, are freed from accumulated toxins; the deep-anchored fat pads melt, the tissues are regenerated and revitalized, with consequent firming of the treated parts.ttate.

The results, thanks to the purification carried out in depth, continue even after the end of the treatment.


Apply the Thermal Cellulite Serum in small doses on the cellulite area. The serum has immediate permeability and begins to act. After a few days of treatment the results are visible.

If the heat becomes unbearable, remove the product with cleansing milkHydra Clean.

However, avoid removing it with water because the product reacts with water, intensifying the sensation of heat.

It is recommended to scrub once a week withThalasso Scrub.