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50 ml. - 1.69 fl.oz.

Revitalizing Decolleté, is a cream with a lifting effect, specifically designed for the neck and décolleté, with a silky texture and refined fragrance, capable of moisturizing and relaxing the skin of this very delicate area.

Among the parts of the body unable to lie about the registry or worse able to anticipate it, the neck is at the forefront..

Trait dunion between head and body, it has the same defects of both, the wrinkles of the first and the problems of fat gain of the second..

It is exposed to light like the face and hands and it is now known, as the rays and not only those of the sun, determine skin aging.o.

It has an epidermal thickness as thin as that of the most fragile face area, the eye contour.

It consists of muscle groups which, having no bone support, tend to relax over time..

It even resists bad postures, that is, the wrong positions one assumes during the day.o.


A neck beauty program can be summarized in a few basic points.

First of all, a thorough cleaning with Hydra Clean and Micellar Water morning and evening, avoiding soap.

Before going to bed a thorough massage with Revitalizing Decolleté to be performed with the back of the hand.

The active ingredients contained in Revitalizing Decolleté affect the deeper layers, restructuring the epidermis and reducing lines and marks..

With its use, a lilting effect will be obtained, the skin of the neck and décolleté will appear luminous and hydrated and the small wrinkles will be attenuated until they disappear.


After cleansing with Hydra Clean, apply Revitalizing Decolleté on the neck and décolleté, following our use ritual.

Neck: follow the contour line of the face starting from the chin up to the nape.

Décolleté: massage gently from the chin towards the collarbones.

To optimize the benefits of Revitalizing Decolletè, perform the revitalizing gesture: with clenched fists, massage all areas of the face with the knuckles, making slow and circular movements.

For an optimal result, it is recommended to use the Revitalizing Mask two / three times a week.