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50 ml. - 1.69 fl. oz.

Revitalizing Cream is a very effective revitalizing and toning cream, with a silky texture and an enveloping scent that visibly modifies the external signs of skin aging..

As we age, the incessant work of the mimic muscles, such as the corrugators, the frontals, the orbiculars, the elevators and depressors of the lips and the procerus muscle, produce more and more evident damage on our skin.nostra pelle.

Ultimately, the repeated contraction of the mimic muscles combined with the internal modifications of the organism and environmental factors such as pollution, ultraviolet "photoaging" rays, and the many innumerable small big traumas we suffer, increasing the expression furrows, contributes considerably to the aging of the


With this exceptional regenerating cream we wanted to create a special product that favors, stimulates and regulates the natural functions of the epidermis..

All the substances contained in this product, from Pentapeptide an ideal active ingredient to reduce all types of wrinkles, to vitamin E an exceptional antioxidant, to Panthenol which has the function of keeping the natural hydration factor NMF intact and vitamin A retinol absolutely essential for maintaining skin health, Trisodium Inositol Triphosphate, a substance that stimulates the production of calcium, acts particularly effectively to restore functional balance to both the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous connective tissue, and restoring tone, transparency and elasticity to the whole skin compromises.lasticità compromessi.

Visibly modifies the outward signs of skin aging. The action of TRISODIUM INOSITOL TRIPHOSPHATE, a highly antiradical substance, significantly stimulates the calcium present in the face scaffold, effectively remodeling its features.ti.


After cleansing withHydra Clean, apply a small amount of Revitalizing Cream on cheeks, forehead, neck and décolleté with both hands, then following the facial features from the inside out until completely absorbed.

Neck: follow the contour line of the face starting from the chin up to the nape.

Décolleté: massage gently from the chin towards the collarbones.

To optimize the benefits, perform the revitalizing gestures: with clenched fists, massage all areas of the face with your knuckles, then making slow and circular movements.

It is recommended to start the ritual with the application ofRevitalizing Serum Syn-A and to make the mask twice a week Revitalizing Mask.