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The main trigger for facial aging is sagging skin which contributes to the creation of a tired and lean appearance, even more than wrinkles do..

With aging, the skin thins and loses elasticity; the subcutaneous body loses volume, while the muscles lose mass and tone: all this leads to relaxation of the skin.e.

Gravity plays a major role in this deterioration, as it represents a constant force that pushes down.

Therefore, there is a great desire to have a natural appearance to counter the onset of a permanent change in one's face..

At this point it is essential to intervene on the facial morphology, so that it does not undergo unwanted changes..

The serum developed by our laboratories not only stimulates the synthesis of elastin, but also promotes a correct and functional architecture of the fibers, stimulating the most important elements involved in the structure of the fabric..


A mix of natural active ingredients recreates the skin's natural hydration, promoting the water-lipid balance. A specific low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid acts on the active layer of the epidermis to promote the skin's natural moisturizing complements and the maturation of the horny state, cornea membrane and inter-corneocyte space for a perfectly formed epidermis.tuita.

The constant use of this product has proved to be able to effectively combat the skin sagging of the contours of the face, as there is a significant improvement in the deep cohesion of the dermis with consequent greater resistance to gravity..


After cleansing withHydra Clean, spread the right amount of product on the neck and face, massaging for a few seconds with movements from the bottom up..

The product penetrates immediately and begins its active phase. Twenty-day alternating cycles are recommended