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250 ml - 8.45 fl.oz.

Intensive Firming Body Lotion is a very precious toning, detoxifying, moisturizing and lifting body milk with an enveloping and intoxicating fragrance, it is an ultra-light emulsion of immediate absorption that gives an effective hydration continuity, while carrying out a substantive firming and elasticizing action, gives a the whole body looks silky and smooth.o”.


Its formula is rich in precious moisturizing and toning agents that form an invisible reticular film on the surface of the epidermis that retains the functional principles inside the skin tissues, prolonging their activity over time.ità.

The contribution of Zeolite, with its detoxifying action, gives the product an intensive action, responding to the problems of atonic and relaxed skin, and giving an immediate feeling of well-being.a.

Zeolite is a mineral of volcanic origin formed millions of years ago by the encounter of incandescent lava with sea water, in cosmetics it helps to rid the skin of bacterial and radical toxins, but even more, it stimulates skin regeneration with excellent results.i.

Its use is fundamental for the protection and maintenance of the structural and functional integrity of the epithelial tissues thanks to the contribution of important trace elements of which Zeolite is particularly rich.a.


Apply Intensive Fermetè possibly in the evening, when the skin is more reactive to the treatments, massaging with upward and delicate movements until completely absorbed.

For a perfectly smooth and toned skin, we recommend usingThalasso Scrub once a week.