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Gel Fitness is able to extend the benefits deriving from physical effort or a workout carried out in the gym over time, considerably reduces fatigue; moreover, a feeling of psychophysical well-being pervades the whole body for a long time.

The synergy of the selected functional substances contained in Gel Fitness have a positive effect on the parts of the body treated, extending a pleasant psychophysical well-being to the whole body.

In addition to having a refreshing and decongestant effect, Menthol also has slightly analgesic properties, specifically acting through the stimulation of a thermoreceptor present in the skin.).

Camphor Ravintsara belongs to the Laurus camphora family, an evergreen plant native to China and Japan.e.

It has antibacterial and connective tissue repair properties, helps promote blood circulation and is ideal as a calming agent for muscle pain.

By virtue of the presence of flavonoids, Passiflora extracts have soothing, anti-reddening and protective properties of the microcirculation.

The extract of Centella Asiatica, in addition to treating the imperfections of cellulite, contributes to the improvement of the functionality of the microcirculation and to the maintenance of skin elasticity, stretch marks, wrinkles, it is also a powerful decongestant of the circulatory

Panax Ginseng Root Extract promotes blood circulation in the capillaries with an increase in active ingredients towards the epidermis as well as being a powerful antioxidant with the ability to block overproduction free radicals.


With the use of Gel Fitness, tiredness is considerably reduced; moreover, a feeling of psychophysical well-being pervades the whole body for a long time.

Thanks to its particular formulation, Gel Fitness is immediately absorbed without leaving a trace or affecting the garments worn.


After each physical activity and with a completely dry body, apply the right amount of product especially on legs and arms, massaging only lightly for a few seconds.