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50 ml - 1.69 fl. oz.

Eye Contour Mask is a gel mask able to attenuate unsightly dark circles and relaxes the small despression wrinkles..

With its constant use, you will get a fresh and rested look.

Eye Contour Mask is an anti-wrinkle firming eye contour mask

Due to its inherent physiological nature, the periocular tissues tend to lose their ability to retain the normal degree of humidity.

At this point a more or less severe state of dehydration is established with unpleasant aesthetic consequences: the so-called bags under the eyes and wrinkles.

Our laboratories have created a very effective product to restore its normal tone to the skin of that particular area..


With this gel mask, we have set out to follow, as far as possible, the process by which mother nature maintains the freshness of the skin, applying the most recent scientific discoveries on the cellular activity of placental extracts..

Eye Contour Mask therefore combines the firming properties with a specific nourishing action for all those skins where there is a lack of sebaceous secretion.

Thanks to the targeted complex of active ingredients such as the Blueberry extract able to optimize the functionality of the microcirculation, the Lily extract with lightening power, the Mallow extract which thanks to the high content of mucilage has a moisturizing, emollient, Eye Contour Mask gel mask, reduces unsightly dark circles and relaxes small wrinkles.e.

With its constant use, you will get a fresh and rested look.


Used every evening, after cleansing withHydra Clean and / orMicellar watere, Eye Contour Mask gel mask, helps to remove puffiness from the eyelids and reduces the unsightly bags under the eyes.

Apply with your fingers or a brush all over the eye contour, even on the upper eyelid, leave on all night in the morning, rinse and conclude the ritual with the application ofEyes Lifting Serum applying it with your fingertips all over the eye contour, without forgetting the upper eyelid and allowing it to be absorbed with circular movements, starting from the inner corner of the eye and then continuing on the lower, then upper eyelid.