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50 ml. - 1.69 fl. oz.

Multivitaminic Cream, uses vitamins A, E, C, and F in it, in this precious lamellar structure cream, we have managed to obtain an extraordinarily active product in repairing skin wear..

Vitamins must be considered essential factors for the nutritional function of the skin.

Recent discoveries in functional cosmetology have shown that the percutaneous route is suitable for supplying substances capable of promoting the nutritional processes of the epidermis..

Vitamins appropriately conveyed can correspond to these conditions and thus be absorbed as directly assimilable foods.


These Vitamins have the prerogative of forming very stable saline chemical bonds useful to favor the biochemical reactions of cellular exchanges.

The result is an improved appearance of the skin in an aesthetic sense, with greater elasticity to the touch, softness, brightness and firmness.


After cleansing with our moisturizing cleansing milkHydra Clean, apply a small amount of Multivitaminic Cream to cheeks, forehead, neck and décolleté with both hands, running along the facial features from the inside out until completely absorbed.

Neck: follow the contour line of the face starting from the chin up to the nape.

Décolleté: massage delicately starting from the chin up to the collarbones.

To optimize the benefits of Multivitaminic Cream, perform the revitalizing gesture: with clenched fists, massage all areas of the face with your knuckles, making slow and circular movements.

For a shock action, after cleansing withHydra Clean, it is recommended to apply a few drops ofMultivitaminic Serum  all over the face, neck and décolleté, massaging gently until completely absorbed, continue with the application of Multivitaminic Cream.