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L’epidermis it consists of six layers of which the most superficial is stratum corneum, which comes into contact with the external environment and has a continuous cellular turnover, so it is made up of dead cells that are replaced by new ones..

The stratum corneum is a real barrier that acts as a protection against external agents.

To maintain the balance between loss of fluids and introduction of water, the body implements a defense action using a mixture of substances including amino acids, lactic acid, urea and many others that have the ability to absorb water both from the surrounding atmosphere and from the products used on the skin creams, serums, masks, cleansing products.ione).

Dehydration is responsible for the aesthetic epicutaneous decay; the skin loses its tone, its texture, its elasticity.

Especially after exposure to sunlight, a cosmetic treatment is essential that integrates the skin's water heritage that presides over its renewalo.


Aftersun it is an excellent emulsion for the body moisturizing and soothing, it is the basis of every valid beauty treatment; the first phase of the cell regeneration process after exposure to sunlight.

Aftersun is an excellent nourishing preparation, suitable for all skin types, with a very fine emulsion, so light and beneficial, it is rapidly absorbed by the epidermis without leaving the slightest trace..


The nighttime hours are those in which the tan can be best preserved, increasing its duration and repairing any damage caused by excessive exposure..

Apply after-sun, then, after the evening shower before bedtime with light massages, without insisting too much, if the skin is too stressed.
On particularly dry skin, Aftersun can also be used as pack: spread a larger quantity until completely covering the reddened areas.